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Hustle & FLO Radio 12- "Carioca Blood" (Live from Rio De Janeiro)

A "Carioca" is the name for a native of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Portuguese spoken accent in the city of Rio is also called "Carioca."  The term is used in conjunction with Brasilian music (samba and funke) to specify the origin of it's roots. Like a "New Yorker" a "Carioca" embodies the culture of their city, and during my 3rd trip spending 40 nights DJing in Rio, it is abundantly clear that Rio has a rich cultural depth that is just barely starting to be explored on an international scale. The landscape of Rio looks like a scene from Jurassic Park, the energy of the city is enourmous and vivacious, and the legend is true that 90% of the women in Rio have amazing booties. Once NYC rappers figure this out, sh*t will be over... But for now let this Podcast sink into the pours of your skin while we transform ourselves into a Carioca. So get ready to slur your "S's," walk around the city in a thong, smoke lots of maconha, show up late to everything, sprinkle farofa on all your food, and say expressions like "valeu" "maneiro" "tranquilo" "gostosa" and "popozuda." PS...No, your broken high-school Spanish will not help your Portuguese.

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