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Bonus Beats:Every BBQ enthusiast knows that a BBQ without some outdoor sports is hardly a BBQ...So to help you all sweat it out to work up that summer appetite, Hustle & FLO Radio presents to you Scotty Too Dope's Podcast: Too Dope Radio. With the smoothest mixest and tightest electro-gems coming straight from Philadelphia, PA, long time FLO member Too Dope will keep your volley-Ball, horseshoes, and ping-pong tournaments jumping all day long. for iTunes subscription
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Hustle & FLO Radio 6- BBQ Bandits Damn. It's been a hot minute since we dropped the Podcast. So we came back to drop it like its hot. Hot like the summer. Hot like a hot potato. Hot like hot sauce on fried chicken. Hot like your cousins girlfriend's friend wearing that sexy yet so innocent sundress who just-so-happened to tag along to your boys BBQ and has no idea that now you are about to get your game on...

For the 6th Hustle & FLO Radio Jonesy! and I teamed up for the mix, and are encouraging all to be like us by seeking out as many BBQ's possible and upon arrival hoarding the food, guzzling some brews, sniffing out them sexy honey dips, and slip your iPod onto the sound system and let Hustle & FLO Radio rock the vibes.

Make sure to check out DJ Too Dope's Podcast @ to get that summer electro sweat!

Upcoming DJ Schedule:

Every Thursday This Summer @ Lily Pond, Hamptons, NY
June 23rd- July 1st: Hustling in Los Angeles
July 10th- @ Frauenfeld Openair Festival, Switzerland
July 16th- @ Hive (Glaurus, Switzerland)
*Always spinning varios locations in NYC

Having a summer BBQ, Rooftop Rager, Pool Party, or Wknd Rager? Holler at the BBQ Bandits:  bookings at
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