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Hustle & FLO Radio 8- "Humid Hustle In Harlem" WHAT! 95 degrees in NYC today, humidty 60%. People are like, "Well Texas is hot, Florida is hot, Brazil is hot" ... but NYC is HUMID. Invest your money in Gold Bond if you know what's good...Not only is it humid, but it's still a recession and people in this city running around like crazy trying to figure out where the money went. Musically, everything is out of wack. Matter of fact, I'm sitting inside of Sony Records right now, and the label people can't stop talking about the humidity and the downfall of the industry. Lazy DJ's especially better watch themselves, dudes are hungry and I need to eat...The only way to survive in the music game right now is to be patient, and connect with real music, real art, real truth. And the only way to survive in this city is to hustle... and hustle hard. Living in Harlem, it's the truth that you must be a hunter in the Urban Jungle, or be hunted. To all my hustlers and artists, it isn't easy right now but keep grinding, I shed sweat for all.
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