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Hustle & FLO Podcast Radio 7- "Lost In LA LA Land" Hustle & FLO Podcast Radio 7
"Lost In LA LA Land"
(Under The Influence of California)

I am a New Yorker. There is some sort of parallel universe that exists for people between the east coast and west coast, becuase LA was great to us during Jonesy & my DJ travels to the left coast. Great gigs, hype partying, unique music, ambitious single women, regal and legal ganja, and lots and lots of sun. Jonesy said that he could see himself 'living here,' but I am still true to NYC. But while we were out at Cali doing events for the Black Eyed Peas and remixing tracks for the LINKS, I couldn't help but let the Cali vibe infiltrate my system. For this Podcast I wanted to capture the vibes and sounds that I was listening to and focused on while in LA. I was literally about 10 blocks away from where Michael Jackson died (RIP) and felt instant chills and a shockwave of energy rush through the core of the city and into the Universe. And I am still amazed how some songs that are HUGE in LA can also be UNKNOWN in NYC (and visa-versa)- which is why travel is so interesting...Sitting in hours of traffic on the 405 breathing in smog, we were bumping the tracks selected on this mix. Hopefully you can taste the In & Out Burger and cool pacific breeze in this mix. Be Easy. Subscribe @
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