DJ FLO: Music evolves like humans. Music is a source of energy, inspiration, and unity. This podcast aims to engage music seekers from around the universe to connect with inspirational vibrations. This podcast is an art form expressed through the medium of DJing and extends toward infinity. @DJFLONYC WWW.FLOSOUNDS.COM

[Continued from previous podcast] "...With my phone off, my mind begins to travel off into the abyss of imagination. It wanders with no limits, and soon chooses to find it's path back to adventure. Through the jungles, over the mountains, in between the valleys, into the dark caves, along vast seas- once my mind is disconnected it chooses to grab a surfboard and ride the rhythmic currents of music into the infinite land of imagination."

With that said, in a few hours I will be on a plane heading to Japan. Damn, the power of imagination.  

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